Residential Curbside Recycling Collection

LINK: Solid Waste & Recycling Collection schedule

The City of Lincolnton provides residential curbside recycling for residents who SIGN-UP to participate in the program. Participants are issued one 96-gallon roll-out bin to collect acceptable recyclables and the Lincolnton Solid Waste department empties bins city-wide once each month, generally on the FIRST FRIDAY of every month. This new service started in June 2019 with the first collection route on Friday, June 7 for all four residential solid waste routes. CLICK HERE to see the current annual collection schedule.

Registration will continue on a rolling basis. Roll-out bins will be delivered to homes on a rolling basis as well. If your recycling waste exceeds the 96-gallon city-issued cart, you have the option of purchasing another cart from the city. Additional bins are $75 (or the current fee schedule rate) for both solid waste & recycling carts. Please call the Public Service Center at 704-736-8940 for more information and to order an additional bin. 

All solid waste bins must meet the automated collection requirements of the City’s solid waste vehicles.  As of January 1, 2024, the city will ONLY empty city-issued bins for both household waste and recycling. After 1/1/24 any non-city-issued bins placed at the curb will not be emptied.

In general, the city recycling program collects three primary recycling categories:

  1. Aluminum & metal food and drink cans
  2. Plastic #1, 2, & 5 only
  3. Cardboard, paper, magazines & newspapers

Keep all items loose, DO NOT bag recycling materials!

Check out the FAQ’s. See the details below. Click anywhere on the graphic or use this link to complete the registration form!!

Historically, around 25% of Lincolnton residents have participated in the recycling program. We need to increase this participation rate!!  And we need to recycle the right things; too many loads are contaminated with non-recyclable materials which means the entire load goes to the landfill instead of being recycled. 

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