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About Lincolnton Fire Department

 The Lincolnton Fire Department currently has 40 full-time personnel and has 21 part-time personnel who provide fire suppression, medical first responder, rescue, extrication and many other services inside the city limits. Lincolnton Fire Department also provides automatic aid to several of the surrounding departments that are located in the county.

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News and Events

Latest News

   On December 9th, Kindergarten Classes from G.E. Massey Elem. stopped by for a tour at Lincolnton Station 1.     They were taught some safety tips, as well as show what a firefighter looks like in their full gear and to not be afraid if they see a firefighter during an emergency. And they finally were able to look at our fire trucks and the equipment we use in emergencies, and they were able to see the rest of the station.  


   Here are some tips to preventing fires and what to do during an emergency.
  • Test your smoke detectors to ensure they are working and that you have them on every level of the house (Including the Basement) and outside sleeping areas (Not in the Kitchen or Bathroom)
  • Make a Home Fire Escape Plan, (By drawing a simple picture of your house and every door and window to show all exits) including a meeting place outside the house like a mailbox or a tree in the yard, that way everyone can be accounted for, if an emergency occurs.
  • Remember that Fire is fast and that it's hot, so get out quickly and call 911!!

Other News

  As we come closer to the end of 2022, we have many memories to look back on, from trainings to incidents, and memories we've created with the community during events on Main Street. We'll take all that we've learned this past year to create a better and safe future in 2023.