Household Waste

LINK: Click for 2022-23 Solid Waste & Recycling Schedule

Waste that is generated by common daily use of residential households is collected weekly on regular routes. 

The City issues one 96-gallon solid waste roll-out cart container to all residential metered addresses. Place all garbage (except yard debris) in heavy-duty trash bags and place trash bags inside containersAll solid waste collected must be placed in the city roll-out carts. Bags, boxes, or smaller containers outside the cart will not be picked up.

If your solid waste exceeds the 96-gallon city-issued cart, you have the option of purchasing another cart from the city. Additional bins are $65 (or the current fee schedule rate) for both solid waste & recycling carts. Please call the Public Service Center at 704-736-8940 for more information and to order an additional bin. 

All solid waste bins must meet the automated collection requirements of the City’s solid waste vehicles.  Any bins that do not meet automated bin collection standards will not be emptied.

Yard debris must be bagged in heavy-duty bags and placed at the curb for pick-up. Loose yard debris at the curb will not be picked up. 

Please remember:
1. Place the garbage roll-out cart with the wheels facing your home and the lid facing the street.
2. Keep carts at least 3 feet from another cart, parked vehicle, or mailbox.
3. Bag all garbage placed in your cart. No loose items!
4. Make sure the lid is closed on your cart.

Solid Waste Annual Calendar - collection dates, holidays & recycling. Click to download a copy

Solid Waste Collection Routes

Find your location on the map to identify your pick-up day. Recycling Collection is the first Friday of each month, with some exceptions for holidays, for all Curbside Recycling participants.2022-2023_solid_waste_calendar v2_Page_1

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