Pending Zoning Cases


A pending zoning application is an application that has been submitted to Planning & Zoning, but a decision has not been rendered by the appropriate board.

The public is invited to attend. The meetings are held at 

Council Chambers, Lincolnton City Hall

114 W. Sycamore Street 
Lincolnton, NC 28092

For more information, contact Planning & Zoning at (704) 736-8930.

Zoning cases are split into two categories, Quasi-Judicial and Legislative, with different rules and procedures applying to each. 

Legislative Cases

Case  No.    Description Hearing Date Staff Report/Site Plans
CZ-13-2023 CZ-13-2023 Application from Jonathan Hoyle requesting a conditional district rezoning of 3.05 acres of land from GMC to TID district to construct a housing development. The subject property is located on the east side of South Edwards Street, approximately 450 feet south of the intersection of South Edwards Street and East Main Street (Parcel ID 00621).

Planning Board 12.19.2023
City Council 01.04.2024 - TABLED
City Council

CZ-1-2024 CZ-1-2024- Application from True Homes, LLC requesting the Conditional Rezoning of 45.6 acres of land from O-I and R-15 Districts to the Planned Residential District (PRD) to construct 168 townhomes. The subject property lies south of East Gaston Street and west of U.S. Highway 321 (Parcel ID 89926) (See attached Site Plan for Details)
Site Plan
CZ-2-2024 CZ-2-2024- Application from Morris Long requesting a conditional district zoning map amendment from Central Business Transitional (CBT) to Transitional Infill Development (TID) to build four duplex units on 0.733 acres of land. The subject property is located at the northwest corner of North Flint Street and East Main Street (Parcel ID 00670). Planning Board 02.20.2024
City Council
Staff Report

CZ-3-2024 Application from Olga R. Epple requesting a conditional district rezoning of approximately 71.20 acres of land from R-8, R-15, and RMF to Planned Residential District (PRD) to develop a residential community consisting of 80 single-family detached dwellings and 107 townhomes. The subject property is located along Wilma Sigmon Rd, Mull Rd, U.S. Highway 321, and the end of Mallory Tai Drive (adjacent to Lincoln Meadows Subdivision). (Parcel ID 01047, 17645, and a portion of 01049). Planning Board  02.20.2024

City Council
Site Plan

Quasi-Judicial Cases

**Discussion with City Council members or Board of Adjustment members prior to the hearing is not permitted.**