Subdivision Information

Any subdivision in the city’s jurisdiction must be done through the subdivision process in which a plat is recorded in the Lincoln County Register of Deeds. Prior to recordation, the plat must undergo review, which ensures that the subdivision meets all applicable regulations.

Minor Subdivision
    A subdivision where:

  1.   No new roads are proposed or road rights-of-way dedicated
  2.   The entire tract to be subdivided is ten acres or less in size;
  3.   Where ten or fewer lots will result after the subdivision is completed; and
  4.   Subdivision of a tract or parcel of land in single ownership meeting the following criteria:
             1.   The tract or parcel to be divided is not exempted under division (2) of the term SUBDIVISION above;
             2.   No part of the tract or parcel to be divided has been divided under this division in the ten years prior to division;
                     3.   The entire area of the tract or parcel to be divided is greater than five acres;

                   4.   After division, no more than three lots result from the division; and
                 5.   After division, all resultant lots comply with all of the following:
                           A.   Any lot dimension size requirements of the applicable land use regulations, if                                   any;
                           B.   The use of the lots is in conformity with the applicable zoning requirements,                                     if any; and
                           C.   A permanent means of ingress and egress is recorded for each lot.

Major Subdivision
   A subdivision where

  1.   New roads are proposed or rights-of-way are dedicated;    
  2.   The entire tract to be subdivided is greater than ten acres; or
  3.   More than ten lots are created after the subdivision is completed.

    More Information

    For more information, please contact the Planning Department at (704) 736-8930 or by email

    City of Lincolnton Subdivision Ordinance (UDO: Section 153.370) 
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