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Special Event Permit Application


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  2. 2. Special Event Application
  • Step One

    1. Important Information
      • Applications must be submitted a minimum of 45 days prior to the event, the earlier the better
      • There is a limit of 2 events per day that require city personnel or street blocking
      • This application is also applicable to all city departments
      • Applicants must abide by local ordinances and state/federal laws
      • Event organizers may be required to pay for assisting city personnel, including police officers assigned to work the event. Applicable fees are included in the City Fee Schedule.
      • All applicants will be held accountable for trash clean-up after each event.
      • If any cooking, food heating devices, or portable sanitary units will be used at this event, you will need to contact the Lincoln County Health Department for any required permits.
      • The special event permit must be approved by all city departments providing event services.
      • No changes will be made without prior approval.
      • The Permit may be revoked by the City of Lincolnton for the applicant’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions stated on the application.
      • Any street closures on State maintained roads, require written approval from NCDOT prior to the date of the event.