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2020 Online Gaming/Esports 

General Information

This league is designed to offer different types of competition through online video games.  The games offered through this program promote strategic playing, problem solving, and teamwork for different ages.  This program offers games that can be played individually or as a team, and aims to appeal to different audiences.


Age Groups:      

13 - 17 years old          

18 and up

  • Games will be offered on both PlayStation 4(or5) and Xbox One(Or Series X)
  • To register, players must have the gaming system and game needed to play in that specific league
  • Game nights will differ depending on the game of that season
  • For 13-17 year old leagues, communication must be handled by parents or guardians who are 18 years or older
  • Players must sign up in appropriate age groups
  • Players will register for specific game, for either Xbox or PS4
  • To register, players must have the correct gaming console, online access to that console (Xbox Live or PS Plus), gamer tag available, and game that is being played.
  • Once registration period is over, information will be sent out to all participants signed up
  • This information will include participant’s login ID (either PSN name or Xbox name), game schedule, code of conduct reminders, and information about how to set up game with opponent
  • The game schedule will include 1 game a week and nights will vary per season/game



Sports Games

For sport games, the season will consist of a 6 week regular season schedule and a 2 week playoff period, that will consist of 1 game per week on Tuesday Nights.  Once players are signed up, they will be given a schedule with gamertags of each player (more information will be given once players are signed up.)  It will be required that both participants report the final score of each game to Program Coordinator to verify the result of the game. Should any issues occur, participants must notify Program Coordinator.  More information regarding league play and tournament play will be provided once players have signed up.  Season 1 will include Xbox One/Series X and PlayStation 4/5 versions of Madden 21.

Non-Sport Games

For non-sports games, no score reporting will be necessary as Program Coordinator will be watching games. Cost will cover a 6 week long schedule that will include 1 game a week, either on Mondays or Thursdays. Once players are signed up, they will be given a schedule with gamertags of each player (more information will be given once players are signed up.)  Depending on the game, game modes will vary and will be explained in information sent out after registration period is over.  Season 1 will include a cross platform league of COD: Modern Warfare Gun Fight 2v2


Registration Period: 

Oct. 12th - Nov. 4th


Cost Per Participant:

Sports Games | $5.00

Non-Sport Games | $5.00 

 Online registration only will be excepted. This will be done by card only for registration.

Code of Conduct 

Code of conduct must be signed by each participant.  Participants should report any sort of action that is not allowed according to the Code of Conduct.  Participants who have been reported will be given a warning.  Should the same participant be reported again, punishment could include removal of that participant from the league, with no refund.

 Gaming Program Coordinator | Austin May | | 704.735.2671 (ext. 3002)

 Gaming Program Coordinator | Jared Barkley | | 704.735.2671 (ext. 3001)