Public Works & Utilities Administration



This Division is comprised of the Director and two Administrative Assistants. It serves as the front line contact for those interfacing with the Public Works & Utilities Divisions, and is the repository for records concerning the activities of the Divisions. This Division is involved in the organization and direction of the other 4 Division of Public Works & Utilities. It plans and organizes a variety of contracted work, and coordinates with engineers & contractors. It is responsible for long range planning for infrastructure and services, works with subordinate managers to direct and assist in accomplishing the responsibilities of their Divisions. Reports to and advises the Manager and Officials on Public Works and Utilities projects and activities, researches and recommends operational changes to the Manager to increase Divisional effectiveness and enhance customer services. Prepares and reviews Divisional budgets, monitors and recommends expenditures, and participates in the preparation of the Capital Improvement Plan, works with Regulatory Agencies regarding safety, electrical distribution, and other disciplines.